Plenary Speaker

Qifu Zhang

Received Ph.D degree in China Central Science University in 1996.

Began to work in China Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI) till now,
as a doctoral supervisor
Director of National Engineering Lab of coating for advance metal materials,
General manager of New Metallurgy Hi-tech Group

During the years he has been engaged in the research & development, application & promotion of hot dip galvanizing technologies in field of metal corrosion and protection. Published his works such as <Modern Steel Sheet Continuous galvanizing> and <Organic Coated steel sheet>, and papers at various magazines.

At present, holding the following concurrent jobs:
Chairman of Asia& Pacific General Galvanizing Association (APGGA)
President of China Galvanizing Association (CGA)
Vice president of Chinese Society of Corrosion and Protection (CSCP)
Vice president of Coating Technology Branch, China society of Metals (CSM)